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This program is like NO other. Our PT's will be closely monitoring you and your progress to make sure you aren't falling off track. 

🌟You will have unlimited access to our team training sessions

🌟Regular physical check ins with a coach

🌟Nutrition Guidance

🌟Wellness Talks

🌟A whole new level of confidence

Join the BEST group training facility in Manchester & if you don't believe us... have a look at our results!  👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

The Program is £100, once you purchase the program you can book your sessions from the 2nd January until the 30th. 

All info will be send to your email you register with!

Get Ready to Kick Start 2024!


Here is the timetable you will need when you are wanting to book your sessions. Download our app to make it easier to access! 

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