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Dear parents/guardians,

It is very beneficial for children to partake in exercise or some sort of physical activity regularly. Before commencing a physical exercise programme at So-Fit it is necessary to find out about their health.

This form aims to identify any health problems so that we can offer any advice on exercise and avoid any risk of illness or injury. If this form is not filled out BEFORE your childs session or filled out correctly they will not beable to partake in the sessions until this form is complete.

Young person’s registration form:

Childs Birthday

Please note that if you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions, there may be some restrictions to the type of exercise programme your child can participate in. If you are unsure about any of the questions we would strongly advise that you contact your doctor before allowing your child to start the exercise programme.

Parent/guardian declaration

1. I confirm that the above details to the best of my knowledge are correct at this point in time.

2. If there are any changes in my child’s condition, I will report it immediately to the coach.

3. I agree that my child will abide by the rules of the centre and follow instructions of the staff at all times.

4. I understand that if my child fails to behave in a manner that is appropriate, he/she could be suspended from the activity.

5. In the event that medical clearance must be obtained prior to my child’s participation in any exercise class, I agree to contact their GP and obtain written permission and be given to the instructor.

* 2, I understand that So-Fit will keep and use the personal information given on this form, in accordance with the GDPR The General Data Protection Regulations for data protection and privacy.

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