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Little Lifters has been designed to get your kids off the couch & tablet in order to develop a great relationship with health & fitness from a young age, which is exactly what we didn't have as adults, back in our young days!


These classes are 45 mins long. 

The classes will be coached by Becky, who is a brownie leader & has a degree working with Children & Young People. She has made amazing progress in her own fitness journey here at So-Fit & has fallen in love with lifting & fitness!


She says "I have a passion for fitness and have amazing experience working with children of all ages so Kid-Fit is going to be amazing!"

Toddler Play  (0-4 yr old)

These classes are sensory based getting the toddlers used to being in the gym so they already are familiar listening to the coach, being in the building and have a good level of balance, communication and confidence to start little lifters!  ​

LITTLE LIFTERS (4-10 yr old)

The classes are on Tuesday, Thursday's 4:30pm & Saturdays 10:30am. 

TEEN LIFTERS (11-16 yr old)

The classes are on Tuesday, Thursday's 5:30pm.

Parents/guardians are expected to come into the gym and help the littles ones around the equipment. The class will be lead by one of our team of coaches.

There is Vera's Cafe if you want to grab some refreshments while your child trains with Becky & there is free Wifi incase you need to work from a laptop. We do require you to stay in the gym 

children fitness classes so-fit Radcliffe bury
children fitness classes so-fit Radcliffe bury

Book your Child in...

Kid Class Timetable


Best Value

Little Lifters Monthly Membership



Every month

8 Training sessions a Month for the Little One!

Valid until canceled

Access to 8 Little Lifters classes per month!

Simple booking system & cancellation policy

Save by having the membership if your child trains x2 a week

Best Value

Teen Lifters Monthly Membership



Every month

A monthly membership providing 8 training sessions, getting your teen into the gym, learning the correct form & get them a better relationship with the gym like we didn't when we were younger.

Valid until canceled

Access to 8 Teen lifters classes per month!

Save with being on the monthly membership!

Introducing them to light weights and coached correct form!

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