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So-Fit Success!

At So-Fit we are SO much more than a results & transformation based gym. 

We focus on the clients quality of life BEFORE how they look on a picture. 

How we get our results? 

So-Fit focus' on having a well rounded and humble approach to fitness and are aware that one size DOES NOT fit all.  So-Fit focus on Nutrition and calories where we give you targets rather than rules.


So-Fit also bring you high energy training sessions where you go away feeling happy like you have achieved something rather than feeling defeated and unfit. We do also promise that there is minimal jumping and Burpees.. as they aren't the secret to weight loss!

"This is a safe space to train, everyone is super friendly and non judgmental. Small group sessions are a more personal touch. The gym also gorgeous inside, and the Cafe is lovely.. I highly recommend"

Emma Tolan

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