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The Full Story of Vera and the Cafe

Vera's Café was dreamed about from 2019 by Sophia & her Grandma, Vera. 

They dreamed that Sophia could run a gym and have a little café in So-Fit for Sophia's Grandma to run when ever she fancied... a hobby that could fund its self with a couple of homemade cakes, scones and other sweet treats. 

The keys were handed to Sophia after searching tirelessly for 2 years in March 2022. While doing up So-Fit & the Café, Vera fell extremely poorly resulting her to be emitted into hospital. Later on that week the So-Fit Family received the devastating news that Vera had a Terminal 4 Cancer and the disease had spread all over her body, there was no point in attempting to treat her. 

The family also was told that she only had a few days left to live. 

So-Fit & Vera's Café soon changed from a Dream to a nightmare. 

Vera passed away on the 3rd of May. She did not get to see her finished project , Vera's Café as by the time it was finished.. she was too poorly to even open her eyes or talk. 

With Anger, confusion & frustration the gym continued to be built. 

19 Days later after she passed away on the 3rd of May, 

 the gym celebrated it's opening day on Vera's 81st Birthday.

26th May  2022.

So-Fit promises to keep Vera's dream very much a reality & keep Vera's wishes within the Café, keeping Vera forever in our thoughts.


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