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Small Group Personal Training


Looking for a cheaper and more sustainable way to keep up your personal training sessions?


Our Squad Small Group Training is just what you need! You'll receive personalised attention from YOUR coach and we'll help you with your nutrition and log your progress. 


Squads are designed to be just like personal training, except in a small group format. Book a coffee and chat with us to discuss your goals and how we can help you reach them!



Team Training

Teams are PT ran classes in the morning and Evening. You can train with us at £10 drop in sessions or see our membership options.


The sessions are weight training based which include cardio & strength work. The sessions are an hour long which included a specific warm-up to your workout & a finisher which is always something to remember us by for when you finish the session...


Children Classes


Welcome to our children's fitness classes! Our classes are designed to be fun and while promoting a healthy lifestyle for your little ones. With a variety activities and exercises, your child will develop strength, coordination, and confidence. Join us today and watch your child thrive!




You can either do drop in yoga sessions or buy packages of sessions of 5/10 or 20 sessions or get a membership. 


Majority of the sessions are great for beginners and have a theme to them which is mentioned in the session name... Find out more by clicking the button below...

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